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How To Dress Like A Hipster Without Visiting Annoying Stores

Cut out the painfully hip and ambivalent salesperson and get the ironic look you crave.

Posted on, the pet project of creative consulting firm KnowUse, aims to change your boring shopping routine by allowing you to shop looks created by stylists. So it's like shopping from a magazine editorial, except instead of flipping to the back of a magazine (remember those?) for the "where to buy" pages you just click on what you want and are transported to the place where you can buy it. The internet continues to revolutionize how we shop, but it's been slower to figure out how to make the classic print magazine fashion editorial useful to online audiences — could this be one way to make those feel relevant for a digital platform?'s chief creative officer Frankie Colamarino aims to align lesser-known brands with household name retailers by showcasing up-and-coming designers alongside brands like Nike. "Some of the fashion industry is kind of like prom," he says. "You have brands on one side and brands on the other side and everyone's kind of scared to get in the middle and dance."

So if you simply MUST have a pair of horse-print above-the-knee shorts featured in an editorial, with just one click you can buy them immediately.


On the one hand, a lot of men want to be told what to buy, which this does. But on the other hand, it's hard to imagine a lot of guys shopping fashion editorials. Women, on the other hand, might get a lot out of this, but the platform doesn't exist for them yet.