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    19 Hair Ideas To Step Up Your Halloween Costume

    Because you can't be the Bride of Frankenstein with a blowout.

    1. Frida Kahlo

    2. Medusa

    3. Pippi Longstocking

    4. If you're going as Zooey Deschanel but don't want to commit, try fake bangs.

    5. Ballerina/Tinkerbell bun

    6. Bride of Frankenstein

    7. Mermaid

    8. Medieval braid

    9. A full head of frizz is a great look for witches.

    10. A faux mohawk is a great temporary option for any punk-inspired costumes.

    11. Victory rolls are a classic retro look for any pin-ups out there.

    12. Amy Winehouse

    13. Greek Goddess

    14. Pebbles

    15. Rapunzel

    16. Go Gatsby with a "vintage vixen" faux bob.

    17. Edward Scissorhands

    18. Cindy Lou Who

    19. Minnie Mouse