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    19 Hair Ideas To Step Up Your Halloween Costume

    Because you can't be the Bride of Frankenstein with a blowout.

    1. Frida Kahlo

    Learn how to get her signature braided updo here.

    2. Medusa

    Tutorial here. And afterward you're left with a bunch of cool plastic snakes you can redecorate with!

    3. Pippi Longstocking

    Recreate her wonky braids here.

    4. If you're going as Zooey Deschanel but don't want to commit, try fake bangs.

    5. Ballerina/Tinkerbell bun

    Click here for the perfect sock bun.

    6. Bride of Frankenstein

    This is easier than it looks. Tutorial here.

    7. Mermaid

    Fishtail braids were made with mermaids in mind. I'm assuming. Tutorial here.

    8. Medieval braid

    Totally Game of Thrones appropriate. Check out the tutorial.

    9. A full head of frizz is a great look for witches.

    Or a lion! How-to here.

    10. A faux mohawk is a great temporary option for any punk-inspired costumes.

    Not a fauxhawk. Tutorial here.

    11. Victory rolls are a classic retro look for any pin-ups out there.

    Or even Gwen Stefanis. Tutorial here.

    12. Amy Winehouse

    A classic. Get her beautiful bouffant with this tutorial.

    13. Greek Goddess

    Get braids on your braids here.

    14. Pebbles

    Simple tutorial here. Now... how to go about finding a bone.

    15. Rapunzel

    This tutorial features extensions.

    16. Go Gatsby with a "vintage vixen" faux bob.

    Perfect for your Daisy costume. Tutorial featuring Lauren Conrad (!!!) here.

    17. Edward Scissorhands

    Basically just my hair pre-brushing. How-to here.

    18. Cindy Lou Who

    It looks harder than it is. Try for yourself here.

    19. Minnie Mouse

    The wholesome answer to Miley's (hair) buns. Check out the video tutorial here.

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