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Adults Can Wear DVF's New Gap Kids Collection

Admit it: You've been wondering if you can squeeze into those fabulously priced, toddler-sized wrap dress.

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This is Diane Von Furstenberg's new collection for Gap Kids.


Though it's for tots, Gap Kids collaborations have a history of appealing to the over-14 crowd. Carla Bruni famously wore a jacket from the brand's Stella McCartney collection for a television performance. And grown ladies are sure to swarm Gap Kids stores today (the collection is on sale now) to try to reappropriate the pieces for their own wardrobes. This is DVF's second line for the chain. It's inspired by an "African safari."

I previewed the collection and tried on a selection of the older girls' pieces.

Now, let it be known that I am a full-grown adult. Also, I do not wear XXS in everything. I'm 5'4" and wear a size 6 to 8. For the purposes of this helpful guide, I tried on the largest sizes that were available during my visit and graded them on a 1 to 5 scale of wearability, 5 being the most wearable.


This patterned "dress" has a cool vine-like print and is made of a good-quality jersey fabric. I could get it over my head (always important), and it was long enough to serve as an actual shirt. The sleeves are cut short, though, so the effect was a little more cap-sleeved than I would've liked.

Wearability: 4

I deducted a point for the tiny sleeves, but if you get a size bigger than this, the sleeves will be less of an issue.

Verdict: If you're into tight knits and graphic prints, get it! It'll look great with jeans and a white jacket.


The pattern on this tank is adorable, but what I really loved about this is the contrasting patch pocket. Unfortunately, the overall look was more reminiscent of what I wore to the Warped Tour '05 (baby tank) than I'd have liked. It was roomy enough to wear, but the cut unfortunately wasn't quite right on a grown-up.

Wearability: 2.5

The neckline and hem are both too high to flatter a woman's proportions. In general, the cut makes it glaringly obvious that you're a grown-up wearing a child's tank. Not great.

Verdict: Pass! Unless you like the idea of wearing something that looks like it shrunk (a lot) in the wash.

On the hanger this little tank was everything I'd want in a DVF piece: bright colors, fun pattern, and a swingy, feminine shape. On me, this top is pregnant Trudy from Mad Men gone wrong. Just completely unflattering.

Wearability: 1.5

While the accordian-like pleats are nice to look at from afar, in person they add more inches to your torso than you'd ever imagine in your worst changing-room nightmares.

Verdict: Avoid! Unless, of course, you're going for that third-trimester '60s clown vibe.


I immediately gravitated toward this flowy sundress — (foolishly) thinking the longer length in a child's garment would also work, albeit shorter, on an adult's body. Wrong. The empire waistline is cut so the seam intersects the middle of the bustline, splitting it in half. This is clearly made for someone, not unlike its target market, who hasn't grown boobs yet.

Wearability: 2

It might work for very modestly busted ladies, but I wouldn't count on it.

Verdict: Sadly, this print isn't cute enough to make up for the injustices inJUGStices faced by your breasts.


I was pleasantly surprised by this dress's fit. While empire-waisted like the sundress above, this time the seam rested snugly below my bust and managed look relatively flattering. Unfortunately, the bottom half of the dress didn't do me any favors. While it wasn't a terrible fit, the fabric again ballooned out in a way reminiscent of maternity wear.

Wearability: 3.5

It would be just about perfect if the waistline rested just a teeny bit lower. (Some slightly more generous draping from the waist down would also help those of us with curves.)

Verdict: Pass! It's almost something you could actually wear, but it doesn't quite cut it.

My favorite! This style had everything I'd been looking for — a flattering neckline, pleats, and length. Yes, it balloons out in the front as if to accommodate a baby bump, but you could belt it to give yourself a waist. (If you're into that sort of thing.)

Wearability: 4.5

Cinch this dress at the waist and I promise it'll be just about universally flattering. The straps are still a little bit short since this is for kids, but it's not obvious, and the quintessentially DVF print more than makes up for that. The fabric also felt luxe.

Verdict: Buy it and wear it out immediately! I guarantee you'll get complimented.

Shop the collection for yourself at!


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