Adorable Puppies Make Cameo At Chichi Fashion Show

Madonna showed up at this show, but she definitely wasn’t the most exciting living being in attendance.

Stella McCartney recently showed her 2014 resort collection at a garden party in New York. VIP guests included Madonna, Stella McCartney, and most important of all: PUPPIES!!!! McCartney had the ASPCA come over with some adorable dogs in need of adoption. Hopefully one of them found their forever home.

Guests could donate money if they weren’t looking to go home with a dog.

Via Billy Farrell/

The dogs were so cute guests even let their clothes touch the ground so they could pet them.

Via Billy Farrell/

The dogs wore graphic tees in anticipation of their big “street-style star” moment.

I believe that says, “Neutered and Proud.” Via Billy Farrell/

Really, who cares about resort collections when THIS FACE is staring you down?


And because we’ve talked about her so much: here’s Madonna, who showed up dressed like Karl Lagerfeld.

Posing with Stella McCartney, who looked brilliant dressed nothing like Karl. Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Images

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