35 Graphic Tees For Guys With Obscure Obsessions

For whatever niche subject you’re interested in.

1. For the paleontologist.

$18 at Babbletees

2. For the dadaist.

“Fountain” by Marcel Duchamp. $18 at Babbletees

3. For the guy who is well aware of Mozart’s influence on Beethoven.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. $18 at Society 6

4. For the color theorist.

$18 at Babbletees

5. For the budding gemologist.

$18 at Babbletees

6. For the cartographer.

$32 at Urban Outfitters

7. For the lamenter of bygone species.

$18 at Babbletees

8. For the botanist.

$18 at Babbletees

9. For the flightless bird lover.

$18 at Babbletees

10. For the evolutionist.

$18 at Babbletees

11. For the environmentalist tree hugger.

$18 at Babbletees

12. For the slightly macabre foodie.

$22 at Society 6

13. For the tessellation enthusiast.

$18 at Babbletees

14. For the theoretical physicist.

Einstein’s theory of relativity. $18 at Babbletees

15. For the existential sci-fi fanatic.

Quote by Ray Bradbury. $22 at Society 6

16. For the typography obsessive.

$18 at Babbletees

17. For the person who thinks tusked pinnipeds are the best variety.

$18 at Babbletees

18. For the interior design guru.

$18 at Babbletees

19. For the dedicated carnivore.

$18 at Babbletees

20. For the avid birdwatcher.

$18 at Babbletees

21. For the free market Libertarian.

$28 at Out of Print

22. For the strict constructionist.

$18 at Babbletees

23. For the believer in projective psychological testing.

Or pretty colors. $18 at Babbletees

24. For the admirers of Bauhaus design principles.

$18 at Babbletees

25. For the surrealist with a love of fine facial hair.

Dalí. $18 at Society 6

26. For the person who doesn’t need this diagram but enjoys wearing it.

$18 at Babbletees

27. For the med student who cannot stop studying.

$18 at Babbletees

28. For the arachnophile.

Some people do like spiders, OK? $18 at Babbletees

29. For the Warhol worshipper.

Andy Warhol’s Museum of Modern Art rejection letter. $18 at Babbletees

30. For the person who thinks mixologist is a legitimate title.

$18 at Babbletees

32. For the fan of dinosaurs from the Late Cretaceous period.

$18 at Babbletees

33. For the ancient philosopher.

Or lover of Greek/Roman busts. $18 at Babbletees

34. For the enthusiastic fan of mushrooms.

Seems like a fun guy. $18 at Babbletees

35. And for the fan of both Shakespearian theatre and Patti Smith.

$22 at Society 6

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