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31 Must-Have Pieces For Your Shark Week Viewing Party

Use the cult television marathon as an excuse for a new outfit. Or lots of new outfits! It is a whole week, after all.

1. A bathing suit depicting the (possible) downside of being Disney's favorite underwater princess.

BlackMilk, $83

2. Fang-rimmed sunglasses.

3. A tank top featuring a very well-groomed shark.

Etsy, $17.50

4. A hippo–shark hybrid that's possibly more terrifying than a straight up shark.

It certainly represents a new spin on Hungry Hungry Hippos.

VeraMeat, $170

5. A digitally printed seascape T-shirt dress.

Emma Cook at Asos, $506

6. "Chomp" socks.

Urban Outfitters, $8 each

7. A girly graphic tee.

Swell, $28

8. A clutch featuring a beautiful but probably deadly scene.

Samudra at Shopbop, $65

9. A painterly rendering of a vaguely Sharknado-esque surrealist scene.

Plus starz! Kumiko Watari at Farfetch, $542

10. An understated fin ring.

Etsy, $125

11. And another, in the classic fin design.

Etsy, $32

12. A top you can tuck in or wear as a dress.

Forever 21, $18

13. Or a cute printed tennis dress in a (slightly) similar print.

Dusen Dusen at Need Supply Co., $176

14. A backpack featuring this gold grill-wearing shark. Feisty!

Sprayground via Tilly's, $84

15. Tank tops with a cutesy plea to any real sharks in the vicinity. It might work, you never know.

I mean, it doesn't look like this model's been attacked by any sharks yet...

Billabong at Billabong, $36 and $18, respectively

16. A tee featuring the oft-forgotten hammerhead shark.

Show Me Your Mumu at Revolve Clothing, $80

17. A Jaws pocket tee. Bonus: Put an iPod mini in the pocket and play the JAWS theme on repeat.

18. But of course, the sharkini™.

Made to order by Bad Aby Designs, $100

19. A sharp button-down shirt printed to resemble a shark attack in progress.

It's not looking good for the shirt's wearer, even though the shirt itself does look good.

Lazy Oaf, $114

20. Your new "going out" heels.

Irregular Choice at ModCloth, $159

21. A tee that's not actually Chanel but awesome regardless. Sequins!

Drycleanonly at Farfetch, $413

22. A biting bright neon tank.

Hurley at Tilly's, $27

23. A triple tooth ring.

Luv AJ at Revolve Clothing, $44

24. A chunky knit sweater. Everyones loves a chunky knit.

Vintage via Etsy, $29

25. A body-con dress... to release your inner man-eater.


Tee and Cake at Topshop, $60

26. An elegantly draped (and appropriately shredded) peekaboo shouldered caftan.

Mariel Manuel at FarFetch, on sale for $749

27. A Givenchy iPad case.

Luisaviaroma, $300

28. Multi-species shark leggings.

They've all got together to celebrate Shark Week too!

ModCloth, $35

29. A T-shirt just begging you to color in these sharks with little flecks of blood around their mouths.

Definitely pair it with these Hawaiian shorts, also.

Lazy Oaf at Urban Outfitters, $60

30. Or if you prefer cuddly creatures to dead-eyed people eaters.

31. But if Shark Week is your true raison d'être (as it should be), celebrate with an 18-karat rose gold fossilized shark tooth "framed by a spray of shimmering pavé 1.08-carat diamonds."

Anita Ko at Net-A-Porter, $13,210

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