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28 Photos Of Victoria Beckham's One Facial Expression

Like any human she's capable of a vast array of complicated, complex emotions. But unlike humans (and what is she, if not unlike humans), she's able to convey each one with a singular, iconic facial expression.

1. How Victoria looks when she's feeling down.

Mark Von Holden/Contributor / Getty Images

2. When she's feeling happy.

Kevin Mazur/Contributor / Getty Images

3. When she's perturbed by pesky flyaways.

Dave M. Benett/Contributor / Getty Images

4. When she has a painful toothache.

Brad Barket/Stringer / Getty Images

5. When Mr.Beckham's H&M undies ads were unveiled.

6. When Romeo Beckham landed his Burberry campaign.

Jon Kopaloff/Contributor / Getty Images

7. When she's feeling hungry.

Stephen Lovekin/Staff / Getty Images

8. When she's feeling lost (emotionally.)

Pascal Le Segretain/Staff / Getty Images

9. When she's feeling lost (directionally.)

Dave M. Benett/Contributor / Getty Images

10. When she thinks about her Posh Spice days.

Jemal Countess/Staff / Getty Images

11. When she's asked to do yet another Spice Girls reunion.

Eamonn McCormack/Contributor / Getty Images

12. When Becks forgets to bring home the milk.

Almond milk, that is.
Mike Marsland/Contributor / Getty Images

Almond milk, that is.

13. When Becks loses an important game.

Jon Kopaloff/Contributor / Getty Images

14. When Becks wins an important game.

George Pimentel/Contributor / Getty Images

15. When her next collection is about to go down the runway.

John Shearer/Staff / Getty Images

16. When she encounters Anna Wintour for the first time this fashion week.

Djamilla Rosa Cochran/Contributor / Getty Images

17. When she regrets all that time spent inside the tanning bed.

Nick Harvey/Contributor / Getty Images

18. When people still ask her about her boob job(s.)

Dave M. Benett/Contributor / Getty Images

19. When cake is being served at a party.

Frazer Harrison/Staff / Getty Images

20. When she's just so happy she could cry.

21. When the sun is just a little too bright.

22. Like a good model, lovely Victoria can even emote AS she poses.

Via http://Jon%20Kopaloff/Contributor

23. Here she is feeling slightly under the weather, still working all of her best angles, of course.

Phillip Massey/Contributor / Getty Images

24. Here Victoria is enduring a frantic inner monologue over how hot and itchy her leather leg warmers are.

25. And now Victoria is just so over fashion.

Mark Milan/Stringer / Getty Images

26. JK she loves it again!

George Pimentel/Contributor / Getty Images

27. Here's Victoria trying her best to upstage Angelina Jolie.

That left leg of hers was just dying to get the spotlight.
Nick Harvey/Contributor / Getty Images

That left leg of hers was just dying to get the spotlight.

28. And lastly, Victoria warmly engaging the crowd at the end of a fashion show.

In sum:

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