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    26 Fashion Rules You Should Break Immediately

    Rules were meant to be broken, especially when it comes to getting dressed.

    1. You don't have to just wear gold or silver jewelry — try mixing them together.

    2. Also combine: navy and black.

    3. Your shoes don't have to match your belt.

    4. Mixing prints and patterns is not only acceptable — it's supremely on-trend.

    5. Clutches aren't just for evening.

    6. You can (nay, SHOULD) wear sequins for daytime.

    7. Wearing one shade head-to-toe isn't a no-no — it's encouraged.

    8. Sneakers aren't solely for the gym.

    9. Sweatshirts also aren't just for the gym.

    10. Screw Labor Day — wear white whenever you like.

    11. Wear horizontal stripes.

    12. Turtlenecks aren't just for nerds.

    13. And hats aren't just for bad hair days.

    14. Wear pajamas from a Lifetime movie marathon to a dinner date.

    15. Wear clear heels.

    16. Another fashion rule to break tomorrow? Wear red and pink together.

    17. Also, wear see-through fabrics out of the house.

    18. Speaking of see-through, show off the contents of your bag.

    19. Show off your midriff.

    20. Less is more is another bogus rule — more is more!

    21. Carry a backpack instead of a purse.

    22. Wear sweatpants out of the house. With heels.

    23. Wear open-toed sandals with your hosiery.

    24. Also, wear socks with your sandals.

    25. And definitely wear glasses to make a fashion statement.

    26. And finally, show up somewhere entirely overdressed.