22 Objects You Won’t Believe Are Actually Expensive Handbags

Armadillo purse, anyone?

1. A world bubble à la Destiny’s Child.

Sophia Webster, $450.

2. A director’s slate.

Charlotte Olympia, $995.

3. A big ol’ bag of popcorn.

Charlotte Olympia, $495.

4. A Russian nesting doll.

Judith Leiber, $4,995.

5. A refreshing lemon wedge.

Charlotte Olympia, $695.

6. An apple.

Anya Hindmarch, was $1,275.

7. A reel of film.

Charlotte Olympia, $2,795.

8. An ice cream sundae you can’t eat.

Judith Leiber, $5,495.

9. A fish you shouldn’t get wet.

Atelier-Iwakiri, $1,539.

10. A Walk of Fame star.

Charlotte Olympia, $995.

11. An old Hollywood gossip mag.

Charlotte Olympia, $1,382.

12. A little face.

NastyGal, $30.

13. An armadillo.

Kate Spade, was $328.

14. A twee little house.

Olympia Le-Tan, $1,300.

15. A retro perfume bottle.

Lanvin, was $3,610.

16. A poodle.

Judith Leiber, $5,195.

17. A Lego.

Chanel, price unknown.


Charlotte Olympia, was $590.

19. A googly-eyed creature.

Urban Outfitters, $8.

20. Another kind of bag.

You probably don’t want to carry your lunch in leather, though. Antiatoms, $164.

21. An old-school record.

Olympia Le-Tan, $1,000.

22. A goth bunny.

Mandy Coon, $475.

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