20 Of The Craziest Bras Ever Created

Celebrate National No Bra Day by looking at bras that will make you never want to wear bras.

1. Didn’t think an oil rig bra existed? It definitely does.

2. As does this very literal sports bra.

Get it?

3. And another bra designed by a word play fanatic.

Great set of headlights!

4. If puns aren’t your thing (for shame), here’s a bra that just plain makes no sense at all.

5. And one perfect for horticulture enthusiasts.

Or are those Frappuccinos?

6. There’s also a disgusting crustacean bra with claw clasps.

7. And a vegetarian alternative.

Lettuce support you.

8. You can ward off unwanted groping in this.

9. And survive the apocalypse with this.

Which are probably a thing somewhere.

10. Showcase your inner warrior princess in this.

Xena style.

11. And your inner cave lady in this.

12. Bring literal meaning to “playing with boobs.”

13. And repurpose that holiday wreath.

14. Bras do it all! They even store keys.

15. On this blessed National No Bra Day, take time to remember who made all of these bizarre brassieres possible — Katy Perry.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Katy Perry is not one for subtlety.

19. And Lady Gaga.


If these don’t make you want to celebrate National No Bra Day…

… I don’t know what will.

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