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20 Horses With Better Hair Than You

Time to stop even trying with our lackluster manes, humans. Horses put us all to shame.

1. Horses have great hair. Better than yours, in fact. Have you ever been able to achieve this level of side-swept bang ferocity?

2. And this horse's hair is so utterly diaphanous, it looks fake. It's not; it's just preternaturally beautiful.

3. Even on a bad hair day, a horse's hair is still roughly 5,000% better than yours.

4. Horses can do ombré in a subtle way that you haven't been able to master.

5. And they make pink look better than '90s-era Gwen Stefani.

6. Horses are the only species capable of combining jet black and platinum blonde that in no way looks trashy.

7. Although, their natural hair colors are superior to anything we humans could replicate with a bottle.

8. This hairstyle would look ridiculous on you. On this horse it's so adorable you can't even handle it.

9. Even awkward teenage horses still look more sophisticated and refined than you ever will as a human adult.

10. Horse hair can do things that Pinterest tutorials can't even handle.

11. Like, how is this so beautiful? I would hang this picture on my wall as art.

12. And this! Nobody's rows have ever been this festive.

13. This is the hair that Coachella fangirls live for.

14. And this horse has the beachy waves you've only previously seen in your dreams.

15. And you could probably see your reflection in the sheen of this horse's mane.

16. The way a horse's hair catches the afternoon light is a sight to behold.

17. And how it floats in the wind. Not blows — floats.

18. Like, is this even real? This horse is SO. PRETTY.

19. And admit it, if you saw this bombshell horse on the street, you'd ask to buy her a drink.

20. Basically, horses are the most exquisitely coiffed of all living creatures.

And we should bow down.