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18 Fabulous Style Tips From Senior Citizens

Statement jewelry, statement glasses, statement hair. Statement everything!

1. Pile on those bracelets!

2. Add a pop of color against an all black ensemble!

3. When it comes to hats, the bigger the better.

4. Coordinate with a friend.

5. Top off your look with a turban.

6. Eyewear is everything.


7. You can never have too much suiting.

8. Color is your best friend.

9. Pattern is your other BFF.

10. Dyed hair doesn't have to mean a blue rinse.

11. A good fur (real or faux) lasts forever.

12. Helmet hair is, in fact, a good thing.

13. If it looks unwearable, it's probably perfect.

14. There's no such thing as too much leopard.


16. Get really creative with accessories.

17. And don't forget to werk it.

18. But above all else...