19 Cats Who Just Want To Look Sexy For Halloween

We all go through that sexy costume phase.

1. This meowschevious maid.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just cleaning underneath the couch.” *Bends over clumsily.*

2. This bald Malibu Barbie.

Who wanted an excuse to wear a bikini but couldn’t commit to a wig.

3. This heavy metal enthusiast/dominatrix.

Whatever it is, it’s edgy.

4. This “gentleman.”

Clearly a cad.

5. Every nerd’s greatest fantasy — a Princess Leia of their own.

(The gold bikini is underneath).

6. This studly law enforcer.

“Bad boys, bad boys…”

7. This naughty librarian.

Fifty Shades is for amateurs.

8. This coquettish schoolgirl.

Cushzilla / Via

*Twirls hair around her paw.*

9. This steamy sailor.

With a thick thatch of chest hair.

10. This bewitching lady.

Who has a thing for black cats.

11. The cheer captain.

“Gimme an S… gimme an E… gimme an X” — OK, you get the picture.

12. The rugged cowboy.

Howdy handsome.

13. This naughty angel.

Don’t let the halo fool you.

14. And its devilish counterpart.

Reformed good girl.

15. This bunny bombshell.

Dreams of becoming a Playboy Playmate someday.

16. The dashing Dr. Whiskers.

“Are you ready for your physical?”

17. This bumblebabe.

“Hey, it’s more original than a maid’s outfit, OK?!”

18. This hunky construction worker.

Admit that you’d actually be flattered by his CAT calls.

19. And this sexy nudist.

Who feels most seductive in his own skin.

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