17 Ways Mindy Kaling’s Fashion Obsession Is An Inspiration

Not only is she smart, funny, and talented, but she’s got serious fashion chops to boot.

1. All her style moments are carefully documented.

“Queen-ing out with my #jenniferfisher crown bracelet #sick #attitude.”

2. She makes corny jokes only a select few understand.

3. And loves those redundant celeb collaborations.

“Shit got really real at #maje. #alexachung.”

4. She probably calls Chloe Sevigny a “style inspiration.”

“Glitter pentagonal miu miu sunglasses on Chloe. NEED.”

5. And forms attractions to people based solely on their wardrobes.

6. She can act like fashion is much, much more important than it actually is.

“This is my life now.”

7. To Mindy, major holidays require an entirely new outfit.

“At MJ Easter is secular. Also: matte sequins 4eva.”

8. She even plans outfits for events that may not happen.

“3rd date clutch.”

9. And she’s always anticipating a splurge.

“I need some no-contest-divorce ca$hfoe these.”

10. She understands key brand demographics like a marketing director.

11. And grows slightly resentful of clothes that aren’t hers to own.

“Isabel Marant owl sweater, don’t be a dick, go to my closet and let me wear you.”

12. Her loved ones are kept well informed of her wish list.

“Best Christmas presents come from my bro. Pink @jcrew puffer vest and sweater, McQueen sunglasses. Lucky me.”

13. Mindy appreciates everything from designer to low-brow.

14. She can get a little carried away with a single motif.

“What better to go with my new network than my sick new @toryburch Fox gear? Dying!”

15. Her inner radar for sample sales is uncanny.

16. And she loves a good (brand) name-drop.

“Missoni time!!! Now who will invite me to a swingers party, I wonder.”

17. Ok, so she’s kind of a label whore.

“Waiting at JFK for more than ten minutes and I buy sunglasses #gucci #celine.”

What I’m saying is, she’s a girl after my own heart.

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