16 Sloth-Centric Wardrobe Ideas You Have To Own

Sloths. Wear them on your body now.

1. A multi-sloth graphic tee.

Shelfies, $35

2. Climbing sloth socks.

Sock It To Me available at Amazon, $10

3. A sloth with money on his mind.

Shelfies, $60

4. An affectionate sloth ring.

Etsy, $20

5. An artistic rendering of a nippled sloth.

Etsy, $17

6. A sloth scoundrel phone case.

Shelfies, $33

7. A new motto to live by.

Etsy, $18

8. A dashing medal of honor.

Corla and Tusk, $24

9. A sloth that hangs from your neck.

Etsy, $68

10. A demotivational athletic tee.

Etsy, $29

11. A pair of gentlemanly sloth earrings.

Hey Chickadee, $12

12. A colorful illustration on a comfy sweatshirt.

Paper & Apparel Co., $39

13. A happy, smiling sloth necklace.

Etsy, $49

14. A slothstronaut.

Shelfies, $34

15. A surfing sloth.

Zazzle, $51

16. And His Holiness, Pope Sloth XVI.

Shelfies, $60

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