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    15 Reasons Why Elsa Schiaparelli Was A Total Genius

    She used pink so hot it was "shocking" AND made dresses with Salvador Dali. Need I say more?

    1. She basically made hot pink eternally cool.

    Schiaparelli's signature shade was "shocking pink."

    2. She named her perfume, which debuted in 1936, "Shocking."

    3. When she introduced lipstick in 1946, it was scented like her "Shocking" perfume.

    (To this day, Nars carries a shade called "Schiap" in her honor.)

    4. Her designs were clever and surreal.

    5. Her collaborations with Salvador Dali, a friend, were just wonderful.

    Like this skeletal dress.

    And this dress with "tears."

    And this hat.

    And this famous lobster dress.

    6. Her accessories were also wonderfully cheeky.

    7. She created a tiny phone for women to carry around in their purses at all times. Because she was ahead of her time like that.

    8. And she saw beauty in unexpected places and things — like bugs.

    9. Her gowns were quirky pieces of art.

    10. You can tell she was incredibly forward-thinking because Beyoncé would totally wear this today.

    11. She could do floral prints that weren't floral prints.

    12. Her 1940's color blocking puts today's street style stars to shame.

    13. She was famous for her personal style as well as her designs.

    14. She could pull off a turban.

    15. She was a shameless man repeller way before... the Man Repeller.