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    7 Castles That Cost Less Than A Room In NYC

    Who says you can't afford to live like a king in this city?

    1. Price: $23.99

    The median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Park Slope is $2,500--an absurdly pitiful deal when you consider that you could live in this castle for a mere $24.

    2. Price: $56.06

    Why wait 2 weeks for your prospective landlord to run a credit check when you could get an entire castle delivered to your door in 2 DAYS via Amazon Prime?

    3. Price: $88.99

    Soaring real estate prices, socioeconomic shifts, and gentrification have rendered much of Brooklyn unaffordable. At just under $90, this castle is simply a bargain.

    4. Price: $31.49

    Say NO to windowless rooms that cost $800/month + utilities. This castle is so cheap it practically pays for itself.

    5. Price: $93.49

    SMDH. This magnificent creative space truly puts Bushwick artist lofts to shame.

    6. Price: $19.99

    Who says castles need to be pretentious affairs? This humble abode will only set you back about $20. A much better value than a tiny studio in Chinatown, tbh.

    7. Price: $53.98

    The beauty of this castle is that it's mobile. Live in Chelsea one week and move on over to Greenpoint the next!