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7 Ways To Make These Valentine Lava Cookies Healthier

Have your cookie and eat it too. Here are a few ways to make your cookies healthier and still taste delicious: Use whole wheat flour (I use half whole wheat/ half white), substitute honey for some or all of the sugar, substitute apple sauce for some or all of the sugar, use dark chocolate chips, use fewer chocolate chips (use mini chocolate chips then!), use egg whites only, add a banana or 2 tbsp of vegetable purée to the batter. Top with a low-calorie ice cream. There you have it. Guilt-free happiness!

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Heart-shaped Chocolate Chip Lava Cookies

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Warm, melty, deep-dish molten lava cookies perfect for sharing with friends, family or your sweetie on Valentine's Day! Find out ways to make them healthier so you can eat your heart out, guilt-free!

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