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    21 Photos From The 1990s That Would Confuse The Heck Out Of Gen Alpha Today

    The world has changed quite a bit in a span of three decades

    Millennials have seen more change in our lifetimes than we can even begin to explain.

    The world changed as the internet became mainstream and the things that happened online started influencing and having effects in real life.

    And that's just one major change the last few decades have brought. Needless to say, Gen Alpha is growing up in an entirely different world than millennials did.

    1. Calling a phone number to hear movie times felt high-tech in comparison to having to buy a paper to find the listings.

    2. You didn't have digital clocks you could take with you. Tell time on this.

    silver '90s wristwatch

    3. If you wanted to see a new movie after it was in theaters? Go rent it.

    The only remaining Blockbuster video rental store manages to hang on in Bend, Oregon

    4. DVR? Go for it.

    Yellow VHS cassette on blue table

    5. Finding something to watch on TV could involve this.

    Jeff Gordon on the cover of TV GUide in 1996

    6. Or wait for something to catch your eye and hope you retain all information the first time around.

    7. Imagine squeezing a Spotify playlist on one of these bad boys.

    Cassette personal player music 80s with orange pads headphones

    8. Or saving a paper on these?

    Diskette on the yellow background, symbol of data

    9. You could still work with the convenience of a laptop; word processors were just a liiitttle bit bulkier.

    A vintage word processor, a forerunner of the computer

    10. And sending documents could require you use this monstrosity.

    printers scanners and fax machines

    11. Research was a challenge, an art.

    encyclopedia volumes

    12. Try taking a selfie with one of these.

    A cute girl taking photograph with a vintage film camera

    13. And waiting to see how it comes out days/week later.

    photo ordering form

    14. If you wanted people to leave you alone, this was the move.

    landline phone off the hook

    15. Or you could just let the answering machine handle it.

    cordless home phone with answering machine

    16. You could also have experiences you can't have today, like meeting your loved ones at the airport damn near on the plane itself.

    airport plane landing

    17. A small mob would assemble in the middle of Times Square to celebrate whatever hot artist was visiting TRL.

    Crowds clog the streets bringing traffic to a halt in Times Square with hopes of getting a glimpse of Eminem during his appearence on TRL at the MTV studios in New York City

    18. You know, TRL, where you could watch music videos. Y'all do know music videos still, right? 😅

    Beyonce Knowles and Carson Daly during "Spankin' New Music Week"

    19. Speaking of navigating hectic places, reading one of these in a panic is a doozy.

    paper roadmaps

    20. Gen Alpha has no clue why our parents were fighting over these.

    beanie babies on shelf during craze

    21. Or these.

    Tickle Me Elmo toy

    What relics from your childhood would leave a Gen Alpha kid confused? Dish in the comments!