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    20 Parent Hacks First-Time Parents Need To Know

    Parent smarter, not harder.

    When they tell you kids don't come with instruction manuals, they are truly not kidding! If you're a first-time parent, you can easily feel intimidated by all the things you're learning and how important they feel in keeping your little one thriving.

    Close-up view of a baby feet holded by her mom

    You'll get a million tips as a new parent, and honestly, you won't know what works for your baby and what doesn't until they're here.

    Happy mother carrying and kissing on newborn baby on bed

    Still, it's great to have the best parenting hacks in your back pocket in case you ever need them.

    Portrait of a lovely Asian baby girl smiling sweetly while lying on the crib. She is raising her hand trying to touch the cot mobile. Baby's growth and development concept

    1. Keep packs of baby wipes all over your house.

    person wiping baby's face with a baby wipe during a messy feed

    2. Help keep babies from making a mess with their hands during changings with this nifty onesie trick.

    Quickly secure your little one's hand and get the changing done in a portion of the time.

    3. Cut baby's nails while they're sleeping or feeding.

    parent cutting baby nails

    4. Speaking of relaxed hands, you'll find their hands relax more the fuller their bellies get.

    baby holding moms hand

    5. Always have an extra set of clothes for your baby — and yourself.

    dad holding baby in front carrier with diaper bag slung over shoulder

    6. Swipe a wipe under baby's belly button before changing their diaper to make sure you don't get peed on.

    baby being changed on a changing table

    7. Keep a cooler or a mini fridge near where you do your night pumping for easy storage.

    expressed breast milk packed in storage bags and frozen in the freezer

    8. Use hot glue to plug the holes in your baby's bath toys so they don't get moldy on the inside.

    rubber ducks lined up on bathtub ledge

    9. Keep a caddy of baby supplies in your car.

    diaper bag and stroller in trunk of car with baby peering over seat

    10. Use two layers of crib bedding (mattress protector — crib sheet — mattress protector — crib sheet).

    mom changing crib bedding

    11. Keep a bouncer or other age-appropriate seat in your bathroom if space allows it.

    mom holding infant

    12. Keep blowout mess contained by folding down the front and back of the diaper.

    A mother folds clothes on her bed while her infant son lays next to her

    13. Use baking soda in the bottom of your diaper pails to neutralize the baby poop odor.

    Woman hand put used diaper to the Trash bin full of used diapers

    14. Get your baby onesies with those cute creased shoulders, because they serve an important function.

    Baby sleeping on parent's lap in onesie

    15. Keep snacks and hydration anywhere you settle down to nurse.

    Breastfeeding and holding a bottle of water

    16. Keep a beloved baby toy in one hand or on your camera strap to keep your baby looking at you when you're taking pictures.

    mom taking photo of her baby

    17. Don't take the tags off all the gifts you get.

    child's closet

    18. Constipation can be solved with a little movement.

    If your baby is gassy or is having trouble going, these gentle movements can help get their body back in sync. So many newborn parents swore by this hack after it went viral last summer.

    19. Bottle sterilizers require you to wash the bottle first, so just save yourself a step and use the sanitizer setting on your dishwasher if you have one.

    woman hitting dishwasher setting

    20. No need for a variety of teething toys when you can freeze baby washcloths into cloth teething rings.

    baby crying on dad's shoulder

    What new parent hacks are your favorites? There is zero gatekeeping in this comment section.