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Tell Us When Generic And Cheap Replacements Will Get The Job Done And When Buying Brand Names Is A Must

No gatekeeping with these grocery prices.

I don't know about you, but grocery shopping and meal planning is probably one of the worst parts of adult life.

Not only do I need to figure out what I'm eating three times a day, but I also need to have the groceries on hand AND make it all. It's a lot.

It feels even more trying when you consider how expensive everything is lately. The struggle meals of our childhoods aren't even going as far as they used to.

That's why it's time for grocery shopping whizzes to start sharing their expertise.

Some of us are brand bougie, but when it comes to saving a few bucks, we need to know which products you can buy the generic/cheap alternatives to and still get the same results.

Variety of products on the different aisles and shelfs at the supermarket

And if you have strong feelings about items that HAVE to be brand name bought, share those, too. We all deserve to have a good meal without breaking the bank.

A woman looking at the ingredients on a product while browsing the aisles and grocery shopping in her local supermarket

So tell us: what NAME BRANDS do you refuse to replace with generic brands? And what GENERIC BRANDS are basically the same as the bougie ones?

Share your thoughts in the comments or anonymously via this Google form for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post.