16 Popular Foods For Gen X’ers And Millennials That Are Now Shocking To Younger Generations

    There's probably a good reason they're gone, but that doesn't mean we don't miss them.

    Today's food trends are so social media driven that you may not realize there were plenty of fads that came and went way before we were influenced online.

    So I got to thinking about some of the things we ate when we were younger that are no longer around and would legit horrify today's kids.

    1. Hi-C Ecto Cooler, a promo item for the short-lived Ghostbusters animated series, was a slime-green juice far from what today's kids think of when they hear "green juice."

    Hi-C Ecto Cooler commercial

    Here's the commercial:

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    Hi-C / Via youtube.com

    2. Tidal Wave Gum came in different flavors (including apple, which was rumored to have a 420-ish taste, if you catch my drift). On top of some good, long-lasting gum, it would surprise you with a gush of goopy liquid when you least expected it.

    Tidal Wave gum

    3. We reinvented the wheel in the '90s with Heinz EZ-squirt green and purple ketchup.

    This undated photo shows a girl using Heinz''s new "Funky Purple" ketchup bottle

    Here's the commercial:

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    Heinz / Via youtube.com

    4. Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pops were like shotgunning a melted lollipop and were immediately covered in sticky the second you opened them.

    Hubba Bubba Squeeze Pop

    5. Wonder Balls were definitely a choking hazard, but the commercial jingle was a bop.

    Space Jam wonder ball

    Here's the commercial:

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    Nestle / Via youtube.com

    6. Orbitz drinks had little edible floating gum pieces in them, channeling a lava lamp look that doesn't look quite so groovy now.

    orbitz soda

    7. Pudding Pops were iconic, especially when you could buy the set with the mold and make them in your freezer.

    jello pudding pops box

    8. There were many more pizza-flavored snack choices, like Keebler's Pizzarias Pizza Chips.

    Pizzarias Pizza Chips

    9. Chocoholics had many more options, too, like Yoo-hoo and Fudgcicle each having a chocolate fudge soda.

    chocolate fudge sodas

    10. Remember when they made a bagel and cream cheese mixed with a breadstick? This Bagelful commercial is a hard one to forget.

    Kraft Bagelfuls

    Here's the commercial:

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    Kraft / Via youtube.com

    11. Frozen desserts may have peaked with Philadelphia Snack Bars, tiny little blocks of cheesecake felt like snack goodness.

    Philadelphia Snackbars

    12. There were so many rich baked goods in the late '80s and '90s, like Entenmann's Brooklyn Blackout Cake, that were so readily available in the grocery store.

    Entenmann's Blackout cake

    13. There was the 7Up spin-off, DnL (in case you didn't have enough soft drink options).


    Here's the commercial:

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    Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages / Via youtube.com

    14. "Diet" and "low-fat" snacks had a major moment, like SnackWell's, a health-conscious company that gave us Devil's Food Cookie Cakes.

    Snackwell's Devil's Food cookie cakes fat free

    15. Dinner/dessert mashups were aplenty, like the Little Caesars’ Chocolate Ravioli.

    Little Caesars Chocolate Ravioli

    16. And finally, if Black Pepper Jack Doritos don't sound unique enough, the limited edition reflective shiny packaging really made them extra special.

    Black Pepper Jack Doritos

    What far, begone snacks were favorites of yours? Would you keep any of them away from your kids if they were still around today? Dish in the comments.