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17 Dating App Screenshots That’ll Give You So Much Secondhand Embarrassment, You Might Move Into A Cave

Anything you say can and will be screenshotted against you.

Blissfully, I've never had to venture into the uber-intimidating world of online dating myself.

Bravo / Via

I do, however, have a lot of single friends that let me sneak peeks at the fresh hell that seems to be online dating.

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Don't get me wrong, I know there are success stories. Let's just say you've got to kiss a lot of amphibians to get to some royalty or however the saying goes.

FOX / Via

If you need any further proof that it is rough out there, look no further.

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1. Kyle found a way to make the holiday season the cringiest time of the year.

2. This guy decided to share some horrifying world views, NBD.

text message between two people

3. Oh joy, a tough guy.

We call this Hinge prompt answer: “Joke that did not in the *slightest* come anywhere near landing.”

HaleyBurrill/Twitter / Via Twitter: @haleyburrill

4. And of course, the tough guy's foil, the (never actually) nice guy.

5. Some people prove they've never taken a hint once.

a screenshot of a convo on tinder

6. This story had potential until it really didn't.

7. You have to wonder if these vErY qUiRkY profiles are actually working on someone out there...

Let’s check the ole dating apps to see what’s goin o— Nope, I’m good.

ShakthiJ/Twitter / Via Twitter: @ShakthiJ

8. Someone out there can math out the odds on this one, but it's not me.

senatorshoshana/Twitter / Via Twitter: @senatorshoshana

9. Then there's a lot of straight-up WTF level moves.

person asking asian woman if she "is a hybrid"
Dinkleberggg/Reddit / Via

10. It's like these people challenge themselves to find new ways to be the rudest possible person alive.

a screenshot of a tinder convo between two people
Tinder Convos /

11. You just know there's no way they're this bold out in the wild.

One person telling another that they lack social skills
TinderLosersOfPortland/Instagram / Via

12. And there always seems to be someone with a very niche icebreaker.

13. Some people are also out here using dating websites hoping for free therapy?

man saying he resolved problems with force and violence
QuinnLibson/Twitter / Via Twitter: @quinnlibson

14. And then there are the people who say they are too good for dating apps while *checks notes* talking to people on dating apps.

15. And if you think guys are the only jerks, think again.

Woman requiring house, car, 6 foot or taller, man countering by asking for outrageous financial requirements and c-cups
ROU_Misophist/Reddit / Via

16. Some people are a little too anonymous, and it defeats the purpose.

17. Then you've got your folks who really, really don't understand what they're aiming for here.

What's the worst message you've gotten on a dating site? Vent sesh in the comments!