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    21 American Girl Dolls The World Needs ASAP

    The nostalgia is real out here.

    American Girl dolls are having a moment right now, and so many of us are here for it. If you're confused, allow me to clear some things up.

    The Lewiston Public Library offers two American Girls dolls and their accessories for check-out. Wednesday, December11, 2013

    American Girl dolls were super popular in the '80s and '90s and still enjoy some stellar success today. They came with these deeply researched but personal stories based on different historical contexts.

    little girl with her American Girl doll sitting on her front step

    The internet, doing what it does, began to imagine what the American Girl dolls would be like in 2022.

    the liberal resurgence of American Girl Doll culture in 2022 is healing my inner child

    @shelbyeezus / Via Twitter: @shelbyeezus

    Some of the memes are based on history and others, based on vibes. All of them are hilarious, no matter how niche, and speak to the absolutely absurd timeline we're living in.

    1. We need her, but we also need to be her.

    We need an American Girl doll who is an insider and knows the tea about what’s going on at Funny Girl on Broadway

    @austinkreitler / Via Twitter: @austinkreitler

    2. Don't you just want that thrill, just one time?

    3. #TooRealTalk

    we need an american girl doll who forgot to take her anti-depressant for three days in a row because it’s just really hard, you know?

    @toomanyspectra / Via Twitter: @toomanyspectra

    4. It also be like this sometimes.

    5. Preach, sis.

    6. Living her best life in NYC, neighborhood Facebook haters be damned.

    We need an American Girl doll who supports building protected bike lanes, even if that means removing street parking

    @latestchristian / Via Twitter: @latestchristian

    7. Meme queens only.

    8. Shout out to all my fellow sadists who also deleted pool ladders while their Sims were swimming, this tweet sees us.

    we need an American girl doll who drowned all her guests in roller coaster tycoon

    @MarcSnetiker / Via Twitter: @MarcSnetiker

    9. And this one is for the pretty girls proud of putting in the work.

    10. Every girl, basically.

    we need an American girl doll whose entire personality is iced coffee

    @Saucetin17 / Via Twitter: @Saucetin17

    11. For the history-loving hotties who want AG to stay true to their roots, I've got you.

    12. Oopsies.

    13. Alexa, play My Chemical Romance's "I'm Not Okay."

    we need an american girl doll who read seven books a week as a child but now lacks the attention span to even watch a 10-minute TV show

    @toomanyspectra / Via Twitter: @toomanyspectra

    14. Surviving and thriving!

    15. The collective American Girl/Beyhive fanfare would break the internet for real.

    We need an American Girl Doll who listens to Break My Soul 10+ times a day while doing her corporate job.

    @svershbow / Via Twitter: @svershbow

    16. Any writers out there slithering out of their seats?

    17. Serving justice!

    18. Marketing babes, stand up.

    19. Crime and caffeine, the iconic duo.

    20. She is me.

    21. Every. Day.

    This list could go on forever, but I'm dying to see your American Girl doll faves. Unload your meme folder and your opinions in the comments!