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    How To Find A Bra That Fits And Keeps The Girls Happy!

    Ask any women, and they will tell you that nowhere is finding a correct fit more of a challenge than with bras – and yet many women get so fed up with the task that they simply resign themselves to wearing a bra that is uncomfortable and unflattering. Perhaps the lace is pretty, but it doesn’t cover what it should, or they gave up and find themselves wearing a sports bra for all occasions. It’s unfortunate, and an unnecessary hurdle since finding a bra that fits and enhances your looks and what nature has supplied you is just a matter of knowing what you’re looking for – and how and where to find it.

    And yes, there’s an App for that!

    Step One: Forget what you think you know about sizing

    Try the UpBra Mobile Bra Size Calculator

    Stand Up Straight!

    Use the app on the same breast.

    Step Two: Consider Your Lifestyle and your Wardrobe

    Are you getting married and need a strapless bra? Or heading out to the gym? The office?

    Lace bras are beautiful and sexy but will become annoying under thin cotton shirts because of the dimpled appearance these bras give the silhouettes. Likewise, extra padding or synthetic materials may get in the way of an active lifestyle. And few bras do a good job of staying up as needed for your strapless wedding gown or other high life events.

    Be honest about what function your bras need to play in day to day life, special events and go from there. Will the straps work with particular shirts and dresses? Will the fabric be appropriate in a particular climate? Silk is pretty but is very hot and shows transpiration, so are most synthetic fabrics. Almost all women need a smooth, everyday bra in a neutral skin tone, but a woman’s lifestyle will dictate whether she needs more or less support, padding, decoration or even something like a multipurpose bra with removable straps and padding.

    Step Three: Shop Wisely

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