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Uber Unveiled Its New Logo And People Think It Looks Like Pac-Man

Or a doughnut. Or something else.

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Uber has unleashed its brand new logo. It has dropped its 'U' and replaced it with *cues drumroll* THIS...



It didn't take long for an inevitable Twitterstorm to ensue.

Won't be updating @Uber based on it's ridiculous new logo 😷

Some people thought the logo looked a bit like a spoon.

Others likened it to a polo mint, a doughnut, and even *coughs* a bumhole.

But most people compared it to '80s video game gobbler Pac-Man.

Not that I care much about the new @Uber logo, but it does look a bit like PacMan

One person thought it could be a villainous cousin of the arcade icon.

New Uber Logo looks like an evil Pacman #UberLogo

Perhaps his mission is to eat up drivers from rival taxi firms, as this chap suggests.

It's like #pacman is uber πŸ˜‚ EATING UP ALL THEM CABBIES πŸš• #londoncab vs #uber #too #political #for #a #wednesday

Others thought that poor Pac-Man might have eaten something unsavoury.

Pacman eats an indigestible cube and becomes the new Uber logo πŸ€” via verge

Or needed a filling or two in his freakishly large mouth.

The new @Uber logo looks like pacman had a dental xray and something has gone very wrong.

Uber's founder and chief executive Travis Kalanick said: "The old Uber was black and white, somewhat distant, and cold.

"This belied what Uber actually is – a transportation network, woven into the fabric of cities and how they move. To bring out this human side –the atoms – we've added colour and patterns."

So there we are.

20th Century Fox Television / Via HULUPERFECTGIF.TUMBLR.COM

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