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10 Things You Can Do While Waiting For The Chip Reader

*inserts chip card* *waits for all of eternity just to pay for some pretzels*

1. Make awkward small talk with the cashier.

2. Finally put that English degree to use and read some tabloids.

3. Organize your wallet.

4. Consider texting your ex then think better of it.

5. Call your mom and ask her how Luanne’s Tupperware party was.

6. Get a little workout in...

7. Ask the cashier to list all of the things they like about you.

8. Use this time to give meditation a try.

9. Build a better, faster chip reader out of the candies and tabloids that are sitting by the checkout counter.

10. Realize you forgot to buy something and live this nightmare all over again.

We’ve all been there. Next time use Android Pay, a much faster way to pay.

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