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21 Things Only Identical Twins Understand

Even though twins look alike, talk alike, and spend a lot of time together, it doesn't mean they're the same person. Celebrate the things that make us all different and use the Post-O-Matic to find a BuzzFeed post that's right for you. Be together. Not the same.

1. Learning to respond to each other's names because it's easier than correcting people.

2. It doesn't matter what your actual name is, you're almost solely referred to as “The Twins."

3. Taking the blame for something you didn't do because your twin lied and said it was you.

4. Always having your friends compare you to your sibling.

5. Catching people taking photos of you and your twin as if you're some sort of rare Pokémon.

6. Being asked, "If I pinch you, will she feel it?"

7. Although, you DO finish each other's sentences occasionally and have been known to say the exact same thing at the same time.

8. Sometimes doing everything you can to look different...

9. ...and other times being cool with looking the same.

10. Being seen as a packaged deal — when you get an invite, there's always an implied plus-one.

11. Being told, "I wish I had a twin."

12. And being told, "I like you better than your twin," which is only slightly less awkward than the alternative.

13. When people tell you about another set of twins they know and are amazed when you don't know them too.

14. Fighting with your twin as you would with nobody else...

15. ...but it's no big deal, because you always make up.

16. Hearing, “Do you ever switch places at work? With significant others? In school exams?”

17. When you're out at a bar or something, and someone is throwing you a vibe, the same goes to your twin.

18. The unspoken rivalry and competition in pretty much everything you do.

19. When you socialize in a group, you tend to isolate the group, because you interact more with each other.

20. The person you're dating telling you they feel like they're "also dating" your sibling.

21. But most of all: always having a right-hand man, a best buddy, your confidante, and partner in crime.

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