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The 19 Stages Of Unlikely Animal Friendships

Some friendships simply don't care. Celebrate the things that make us all different and use the Post-O-Matic to find a BuzzFeed post that’s right for you. Be together. Not the same.

1. Interspecies animal friendships usually start with a healthy dose of skepticism.

As they should.

2. The first contact with another animal can be a little... awkward.

Via / Vendunar /

3. But if both parties are truly open to friendship, things usually warm up quickly.

Via / TexasGirlie1979 /

4. Once the ice is broken, animals begin to explore their shared interests. / Herman Fourie / / Herman Fourie /

5. Things like digging... / XiveTV / / XiveTV /

6. ...or headbutting.

Alexandra Meulemans / / Via

7. And like all friendships, there will undoubtedly be times when new friends bug each other.

Via / Dana Savorelli /

8. That's OK. It usually doesn't last long.

Via / picklified /

9. Play time inevitably leads to grooming time.

Via / O'Grady Bunch /

10. A lot of grooming.

Via / KutePets /

11. OK, sometimes too much grooming.

JoeExoticTV / / Via

Please stop.

12. The strongest animal friendships are formed around helping.

Via Alex Boyle /

13. And that can involve serving dinner... / Charlotte Jennings / / Charlotte Jennings /

14. ...helping your friend unwind after a long day...

15. ...or giving them a lift.


16. Giving lifts is very important in any friendship.

17. True friends will take you anywhere.

Via / AFV Animals /

18. Given enough time, mismatched animal friendships start to feel more like family...

19. ...and with luck, the friendship will last forever.

Via / Exotic Animal Experience /

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