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    This Woman Went Viral For Saying She's Not Allowing Kids At Her Wedding And People Are Arguing Over Whether She Should Pay For Childcare

    "We love kids, but this is an adult only affair."

    When it comes to weddings, everyone and their mom has an opinion. Combine wedding preferences with parenting methods and the opinions double.

    Lauren Ladouceur, a planning expert and content creator in New York, posted a TikTok recently explaining why she and her fiancé wouldn't be allowing kids at their upcoming wedding in August.

    "We have an FAQ section on our website which is where we are kind of addressing all of these miscellaneous questions," Lauren says in the video. "We said, 'Hey, we love kids, but this is an adult only affair.'"

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    She explains that the only child permitted at the ceremony will be their ring-bearer but that "he is going to be picked up by someone before it is time for the reception."

    The comments section was of course, flooded with debate. Turns out, people have a lot of thoughts on whether children should or shouldn't be invited to weddings.

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    One of the primary debates was whether weddings that prohibit kids should offer to pay for childcare.

    BuzzFeed reached out to Lauren to see how she and her fiancé came to their decision and how she's addressed varying opinions from family and friends. "My fiancé and I talked in the months leading up to our engagement about our vision for our wedding day and kids just weren't part of that vision for either of us," she told BuzzFeed.

    "Most of our guests are traveling from out of state to attend our wedding, and New York is a complicated enough place to travel to," she explained. "That, coupled with wanting our wedding to be black tie and elegant, we didn't see kids fitting into the equation."

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    This is how Lauren and her fiancé addressed the no child rule on their wedding website:

    Lauren Ladouceur

    Lauren said all of their 65 guests have been "incredibly understanding."

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    "They understand that this is our day. Their attendance is the greatest gift for us," she said. "It [also] helps we have a smaller guest list."

    But for those who might complain, Lauren says she won't "sacrifice" her own vision to make others happy. "We want everyone at our event to have the best time possible," she said. "It's hard to make everyone happy, but one thing we won't sacrifice is our needs on the day of our wedding."

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    In terms of childcare? Lauren said she's seen "really creative" ways to handle childcare at weddings like extended family coming "together to rotate childcare duties" but that then "takes parents and family away from the event."

    What are your thoughts about weddings that don't allow children? And if you'd like to learn more about Lauren and her wedding journey you can follow her on TikTok @planwithlaur!