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    These 15 People Misread When Someone Came On To Them And Then Realized Later, And I Can't Stop Laughing

    "And I think about that twice every five minutes."

    Ah yes, the 2 a.m. secondhand embarrassment. When our minds like to remind us of all the dumb things we said or did years ago. Like tripping while someone is holding a door open for you.

    Or waving at someone you thought was waving at you?

    But the worst is finding yourself in a ~sexy~ situation without knowing it, and then realizing with a painful jolt hours later, that it was, indeed, a sexy situation.

    That was exactly what happened to comedian David Drake, who tweeted about one of those exact moments earlier this week and started a viral conversation of people with similar woes.

    In high school I went to a sleepover and the girl I liked climbed into bed with me and she started tickling me and I was like ‘hahaha okay well time for bed' and I think about that twice every 5 minutes.

    @TheDavidDrake / Via Twitter: @TheDavidDrake

    So we can all laugh through our pain together, here are 15 people who didn't realize until later that they completely misread someone coming on to them.


    @TheDavidDrake One time a girl invited me over to, and I quote:"help me hang up my lights because you're so tall". Afterwards she invited me to sleep over. we both had laid down in her bed she was like "I usually sleep naked" and I was like ok I'll look away until you get back under the covers

    @Kroniebits / Via Twitter: @Kroniebits


    @TheDavidDrake one time i smoked for the first time with a girl i liked a lot n & she said “i heard you’re supposed to kiss after you smoke for the first time” n i said “haha, that’s not a real thing i don’t think”

    @stopthinkingan1 / Via Twitter: @stopthinkingan1


    @TheDavidDrake Back in high school, I was chatting with this one girl I liked in my youth group about how my prom date cancelled on me and she gave me a definite "look" and said "I'd like to go to prom, but I don't have a date" and I was like "Yeah, we're in the same boat. This sucks."

    @kuhlthing / Via Twitter: @kuhlthing


    @TheDavidDrake In college after a waitering job, this cute waitress said to me "let's go to my place, no one is going to be home". I said "how is there going to be no one at home if we are going there?". She went home alone and I think about that everytime I am at home now.

    @dav3liu / Via Twitter: @dav3liu


    @TheDavidDrake Moved into my college dorm the first semester of college, had a knock on my door the first night and a cute girl said she was looking for a "cuddle buddy" for the night to help her sleep. I told her that it didn't sound safe and shut the door on her. 🤦

    @ryanmacnicol / Via Twitter: @ryanmacnicol


    @TheDavidDrake In college I was bar backing and a really attractive bartender wanted me to walk her to her car for safety and then suggested I ride with her back to her place to make sure she got home safe, and I said, "then how am I going to get back to my car?" and then she left.

    @ToddHoyer / Via Twitter: @ToddHoyer


    @TheDavidDrake I told a girl I was chatting online with & had had one date with that I was getting rid of my porno tape collection. She said she would take them so I brought them over to her house. She asked if I wanted to come in and watch them. I said "No, I've seen them" and left

    @KevinJBurke / Via Twitter: @KevinJBurke


    @TheDavidDrake In highschool my family was gone so I had the house to myself and threw a party. At the end of the night this girl I liked said “I’ll just spend the night here” I said “You don’t want to go?” She was like “It’s cold”🥺 So I got a sweater for her and sent her on her way. Wtf man

    @1andOnlyMickey / Via Twitter: @1andOnlyMickey


    @TheDavidDrake When I was a teenager, a cute girl who worked at McDonald’s wrote her number on the back of my receipt and I thought “I bet they do this in case there’s something wrong with my order”. Then tossed it in the trash.

    @Ian_Pretorius / Via Twitter: @Ian_Pretorius


    @TheDavidDrake One time in high school I was hanging out with a girl I had feelings for and she was like I have a birth mark right above my vagina if you want to see it and I was like “nah I got birthmarks all over me. Im good” 😆 I think about that a couple times a year.

    @Mr_NolanRoberts / Via Twitter: @Mr_NolanRoberts


    @TheDavidDrake Also in high school, I was at a small party where there were an equal number of guys and girls spending the night. Everyone coupled off and I wound up in bed for the night with an attractive girl and just sat up and turned on the Golden Girls on the bedroom TV.

    @freemmatt / Via Twitter: @freemmatt


    @TheDavidDrake In high school, a cute upperclassman invited me to her house for lunch because her parents weren't going to be home. Me (without blinking): I'm not allowed to go off campus for lunch.

    @GClayMitchell1 / Via Twitter: @GClayMitchell1


    @TheDavidDrake Went to a wedding with a hot girl and we danced a lot even the slow songs. Afterwards we were walking to our cars (we had driven separately) and she said "want to see my new car?" And she specifically showed me how big the back seat was and I was like "cool well drive safe" 💀

    @spaciestdonut / Via Twitter: @spaciestdonut


    @TheDavidDrake One time I college the girl I liked asked if I wanted to fingerpaint with her and at some point she started wiping paint on my face and I was like “WHOA WHOA WHOA, very funny let’s get back to the painting” and that was that.

    @VincentBrue / Via Twitter: @VincentBrue


    @TheDavidDrake When I was 14, a girl I had a huge crush on said she wanted to show me this cool spot in a cornfield. We got there, sat on a stump, she told me this was the place where the local teenagers would go to make out. I said haha that's crazy, well, time to go home

    @visarts / Via Twitter: @visarts

    Have you had a hilarious experience where you failed to ~seal the deal~? Let us know in the comments below!