Lily James Opened Up About Playing Pamela Anderson In "Pam & Tommy" And How We Are All "Complicit" In This "Unhealthy Viral Internet Behavior"

    "Your sexuality is weaponized."

    Hulu’s newest limited series, Pam & Tommy — starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan — came out today, and there’s already a lot of important discourse around it!

    The actors as Pam and Tommy sitting in an airplane

    The show details the events surrounding Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s honeymoon sex tape, which was stolen from their Malibu home in 1996 before being released without their consent.

    The real Pam and Tommy with their arms around each other as someone takes a candid photo of them outside

    While both Pamela and Tommy appeared on the tape, it was Pamela who faced an enormous amount of undue criticism — but, in the year of our lord 2022, Lily is pointing out that it’s time we, as a society, come to terms with our role in the scandal.

    Lily at an event on the left and the real Pam smiling as she walks into a building a right

    "That was very much our intention with the show, to hold a mirror up to make people look at their own culpability in perpetuating this unhealthy viral internet behavior," she told IndieWire. "We are all complicit and we have to become more aware and sensitive."

    Lily as Pam sipping a drink as she leans against a railing at a event

    Lily expanded on that “toxic” internet behavior, adding that — even if this scandal were to happen today — she thinks it’s possible the response would be the same. "I do think everyone has a voice on Twitter and no one is really held accountable, so it’s really dangerous. You can use it to just publicly destroy someone. It can be a really toxic environment."

    Lily as Pam smiling as she walks outside and rocks an updo

    She added that modern-day social media has given more "access" to others' lives. "Now, with social media, there’s just so much more access. There’s this compulsion to be on them, to be sharing, to be oversharing, to give away our privacy, to comment without any consequences," she said. "In a way that’s desensitized us much more so now than it was in the ’90s."

    Lily as pam standing in a parking lot a couple of feet ahead of Sebastian as Tommy

    Lily also said that, as a woman, she can identify with a lot of what Pamela went through. "You can relate to a lot of things purely as a woman because, unfortunately, whether you’re Pamela Anderson [or not], there are moments of sexism, or misogyny, or double standards where you’re not treated the same as your male coworker," she explained.

    Tommy driving with Pam smiling in the passenger's seat in a scene from the limited series

    Well said, Lily!

    You can watch all eight episodes of Pam & Tommy on Hulu now.