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People Can’t Get Enough Of Jennifer Coolidge At The 2021 Emmys Because Yeah, She's Hilarious

"Wow, ya know."

Jennifer Coolidge is having a lil' moment this year, and I'm HERE FOR IT.

Jennifer's character from The White Lotus with the caption "Oh My Gosh"
HBO Max / Via

Say what you want about The White Lotus, but you absolutely HAVE to agree that Jennifer Coolidge completely owned that role.

A flustered Jennifer in the White Lotus with the caption "Yeah, uh, I -- no, yeah--it has my mother's ashes in it"

So it makes sense that the Emmys would invite her to present Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

Rich Fury / Getty Images

Jason Sudeikis won, BTW.

And lemme just say...only Jennifer Coolidge can do Jennifer Coolidge better than Jennifer Coolidge.

Coolidge Corner Theatre / Via

She was doing the most in the best possible way.

I've never seen someone act so dramatically like themselves, that it almost felt like an Oscar-worthy impersonation.

Cbs Photo Archive / CBS / Getty Images

The stans agree.

No one exhales like Jennifer Coolidge.

@MoRocca / Via Twitter: @MoRocca

manifesting jennifer coolidge on hacks S2

@alex_abads / Via Twitter: @alex_abads

Excited for a year-long Jennifer Coolidge victory lap.

@chrisvfeil / Via Twitter: @chrisvfeil

get you a person who looks at you like Tracee Ellis Ross looks at Jennifer Coolidge doing a bit #Emmys2021

@SamuelAAdams / Via Twitter: @SamuelAAdams

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy Jennifer Coolidge’s on-screen presence #Emmys

@SharSaysSo / Via Twitter: @SharSaysSo

Jennifer Coolidge presenting at the award show that she will win at next year #Emmys #whitelotus

@JarettSays / Via Twitter: @JarettSays

I would watch a show where Jennifer Coolidge just walks around a city and points at stuff.

@seanoconnz / Via Twitter: @seanoconnz

jennifer coolidge just be standing there and she so funny. queen

@selahspades / Via Twitter: @selahspades

Here's the full speech:

View this video on YouTube

Vulture / Via

Give her the White Lotus Emmy now, you cowards.

Jennifer's The White Lotus character speaking to someone with the caption, "A little emotional"
HBO Max / Via

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