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People Can’t Get Enough Of Jennifer Coolidge At The 2021 Emmys Because Yeah, She's Hilarious

"Wow, ya know."

Jennifer Coolidge is having a lil' moment this year, and I'm HERE FOR IT.

Jennifer's character from The White Lotus with the caption "Oh My Gosh"

Say what you want about The White Lotus, but you absolutely HAVE to agree that Jennifer Coolidge completely owned that role.

A flustered Jennifer in the White Lotus with the caption "Yeah, uh, I -- no, yeah--it has my mother's ashes in it"

So it makes sense that the Emmys would invite her to present Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

And lemme just say...only Jennifer Coolidge can do Jennifer Coolidge better than Jennifer Coolidge.

I've never seen someone act so dramatically like themselves, that it almost felt like an Oscar-worthy impersonation.

The stans agree.

No one exhales like Jennifer Coolidge.

@MoRocca / Via Twitter: @MoRocca

manifesting jennifer coolidge on hacks S2

@alex_abads / Via Twitter: @alex_abads

Excited for a year-long Jennifer Coolidge victory lap.

@chrisvfeil / Via Twitter: @chrisvfeil

get you a person who looks at you like Tracee Ellis Ross looks at Jennifer Coolidge doing a bit #Emmys2021

@SamuelAAdams / Via Twitter: @SamuelAAdams

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy Jennifer Coolidge’s on-screen presence #Emmys

@SharSaysSo / Via Twitter: @SharSaysSo

Jennifer Coolidge presenting at the award show that she will win at next year #Emmys #whitelotus

@JarettSays / Via Twitter: @JarettSays

I would watch a show where Jennifer Coolidge just walks around a city and points at stuff.

@seanoconnz / Via Twitter: @seanoconnz

jennifer coolidge just be standing there and she so funny. queen

@selahspades / Via Twitter: @selahspades

Here's the full speech:

View this video on YouTube

Vulture / Via youtube.com

Give her the White Lotus Emmy now, you cowards.

Jennifer's The White Lotus character speaking to someone with the caption, "A little emotional"