Dylan O'Brien Popped Up In A Random TikTok, And Pardon My Drool

    Get into it.

    Everyone remembers Dylan O'Brien, right?

    Dylan smiling during a panel discussion

    Maze Runner star, Teen Wolf regular, and general all-around hottie.

    Well, lately, he's been dancing back into my heart via TikTok. Here he is doing one of the latest trends.

    And then killing this Doja Cat choreo.

    And when I say "dancing," I mean he is SERVING looks...

    The classic millennial "lemme pretend I know what I'm doing" dance face.

    This gives me dad vibes.

    An arrow pointing to Dylan's light-colored sneakers with the caption "sorry what"

    Here he is wildin' out.

    I am very much not a Disney adult, but something about his Mickey mouse shirt really does it for me.

    Dylan's wearing a tie-dye shirt with Mickey Mouse on the front

    And he's taking the choreography very seriously.

    Sheela (@sheelawe), if you read this, please keep the Toks (especially the ones featuring Dylan) coming.