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    Just 15 Times Bob Morley And Eliza Taylor Made Our Hearts Melt

    Jason Rothenberg, I'm talking to you.

    If you have seen The CW's The 100, then you know about Clarke and Bellamy's strong friendship/potential romance that almost came to fruition in the final season...

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    ...until, well... Bellamy died.

    And while nothing will ever — E-V-E-R — make up for the fact that the writers somehow thought it fitting to kill their male lead, the one saving grace is that IRL Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) are married.

    Here are a few adorable moments between the happy couple to help those (me) who may still be grieving.


    Rock-bottom Clarke is the only appropriate Clarke to summarize my feelings.

    1. Back when they were red carpet buddies even before they pledged their love for one another.

    2. This 2015 Supercon interview where they couldn't stop flirting.

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    The signs were there for so long wow.

    3. That time a fan asked a complicated AF question about Clarke's relationship with Bellamy vs. her relationship with Lexa and when Eliza started rambling Bob told her to, "ANSWER THE QUESTION."

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    Little did we all know, they were already secretly ENGAGED at the time.

    4. Bob laughing > than the pasta he's so tenderly crafting.

    5. Bob making the Clarke and Bellamy bobbleheads kiss on their livestream.

    promise jimin / Via

    This is the closest Bellarke fans will ever get.

    6. When Bob was going through a tough phase with his mental health and Eliza publicly supported him.

    7. The matching aprons, the happy smiles, Bob snuggling with his dog.

    8. This interview where Bob said Eliza is the "best actor I know."

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    The head + the heart.

    9. This particular instance where Eliza decided to publicize how often Bob makes her laugh.

    10. This one is self-explanatory. I mean... this is PEAK couple goals.

    11. This entire interview tbh, but especially when Eliza is trying to answer a serious question and Bob keeps laughing at her.

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    "My ears are like, ringing, and I'm just sweating." - Bob

    12. When Bob wrote this really beautiful post for Eliza's birthday.

    13. It's the way he adoringly looks at her for me.

    14. This entire five-minute video of Bob discussing all of the things he loves about Eliza.

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    "Walked away with a wah-yff."

    15. And finally, when The 100 wrapped and Eliza let us all know the heart-warming thing that Bob said to her seven years ago while filming Season 1.