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    Ariana Grande's "Positions" Is Now Trending On TikTok, Of Course

    "How you touch my soul from the outside" — Aristotle, probably.

    We are all well aware that THE Ariana Grande released her latest album, Positions, on Friday.

    Since the album first dropped at midnight, Ari's fans have done nothing but listen to the 14-tracks on repeat.

    Here are the best TikTok reactions to Positions so far:

    1. This fan who is all of us.


    I immediately go to genius to figure out the lyrics 💀💀 still on repeat tho #positions #arianagrande #fyp

    ♬ positions - Ariana Grande

    2. This fan simply wants longer songs.

    3. This fan's reaction was to think of Ariana's current boyfriend's POV.

    4. Citizen Queen already busted out the harmonies.


    had to celebrate #positions release day with a lil medley 🤍 love u queen @arianagrande :) #arianagrande #fyp #singing

    ♬ original sound - citizenqueen

    5. This fan had some Nasty thoughts about the album.


    this was my reaction to @arianagrande new album 😳 rate the album 1-10 !! full video link in bio

    ♬ original sound - Dennis

    6. These two friends were shaken to their core.

    7. These three friends had a little mini dance party.

    8. This fan is so dedicated she wants pov in her wedding.

    9. This fan is the king of blood-curdling screams of excitement.


    in conclusion, stream positions. @arianagrande #fyp

    ♬ original sound - spencer 💅

    10. This fan showed what happens when you can't math.

    11. This fan almost had a full heart attack.


    reaction vid better than the honest vocal coach LINK ON MY BIO‼️♡

    ♬ Lonely - Justin Bieber & benny blanco

    12. This video begs the question, if you don't act like you're rediscovering music with each listen are you even an AG fan?


    literally everyone's heard it and i'm over here acting like i discovered it #WeWinTogether #ag6 #arianagrande #music

    ♬ original sound - jonaholic

    13. This man speaks the truth.


    34+35, nasty, all of em...but i love it sm 🥰🥰

    ♬ SO MF BALD - auntieannie

    14. This fan, which — oop.

    15. And finally, we have this fan, who fully analyzed every detail of the album.

    How did you react to Ariana's new album? Tell us in the comments!