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    It's Happening: Ariana Grande Is Releasing A New Album Later This Month


    Okay wow, hi, it's happening!

    Ari has been gently teasing fans with the potential release of her new album for MONTHS — sharing snippets on Instagram of songs and tweeting pictures of herself in her home studio.

    Her cryptic tweets tell us nothing, tbh, yet we all feel the *excitement*.

    Ariana Grande / Via Twitter: @ArianaGrande

    It's been nearly TWO YEARS since she blessed us with "thank u, next" and we can all finally rejoice, because AG6 IS HEREEEE!!!

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    Rylie K / Via

    THIS IS NOT A DRILL. It's been confirmed by none other than AG herself via Twitter earlier today:

    i can’t wait to give u my album this month

    Ariana Grande / Via Twitter: @ArianaGrande

    (For once I have “No Tears Left to Cry.”)

    Also, can we just appreciate the completely cavalier nature of this tweet...?? Like is she announcing a new album or oatmeal for breakfast??

    I don't know about you, but it’s going to be hard to sleep for a while knowing that AG6 could drop at literally ANY MOMENT in the next two weeks.

    Like…. ANY MOMENT???

    Ariana Grande saying "really have no idea what the ___ i'm doing so"

    Ariana would drop the news on us in the middle of the day, without warning, nonchalantly... as if she weren’t one of the most popular singers of this generation.

    Not much has been confirmed about the new album except that it's coming SOON. VERY soon.

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    Ariana Grande / Twitter: @ArianaGrande / Via Twitter: @ArianaGrande