People Are Freaking Out Over Anne Hathaway's At-Home Photo Shoot

    This is the vibe we should all be striving toward in 2021.

    Locked Down is Anne — sorry, Annie — Hathaway's newest movie, and it was released on HBO Max on Thursday.

    It's a movie that's literally about being "locked down" in quarantine together, so it's clearly appropriate for the times.

    Because of the obvious COVID-19 restrictions, no movie premiere and subsequent red carpet could take place for the film.

    But never fear — Annie decided to take matters into her own hands and created an entire red-carpet premiere in the comfort of her backyard.

    It delivers just as much of the glitz and glam as any red carpet out there.

    And this dress...this dress is immaculate.

    All together, she wore Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Azzaro. And even though I'm aware that she had a professional photographer and hair, makeup, and nail stylist to create these looks, I still can't get over that she came to SERVE.

    Anyway, people can't stop talking about the impressive glamour of her makeshift photo shoot on Twitter, either:

    can’t believe there was a period where people tried to front like anne hathaway isn’t hot

    @imbobswaget / Twitter / Via Twitter: @imbobswaget

    I'm people.

    Anne Hathaway better PUSH THROUGH. 😍

    @theNiaLangley / Twitter / Via Twitter: @theNiaLangley

    Okay wait a God damn minute. Anne Hathaway is aging like the finest French wine.

    @RealHouseMark / Twitter / Via Twitter: @RealHouseMark

    that annie hathaway staged an instagram photo shoot by her pool in versace, dolce and gabbana, and azzaro gowns to show us what she would have worn at a premiere this year...i do support it

    @rachsyme / Twitter / Via Twitter: @rachsyme

    HOW is Anne Hathaway even legal? QUEEN.👑🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    @gescol / Twitter / Via Twitter: @search

    Anne Hathaway ?!?!? MAAM WILL YOU STEP ON ME

    @avatarofasami / Twitter / Via Twitter: @avatarofasami
    @adorehems / Twitter / Via Twitter: @adorehems

    Annie really said, "I'll show you a movie premiere."