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    Posted on Jul 28, 2014

    24 Times The Internet Professed Its Love For Steve Buscemi

    This is the pinnacle of human ingenuity, folks.

    1. This must-have Lay's flavor.

    2. This startling transition between Steve Buscemi and Elijah Wood.

    David Shankbone / Creative Commons // Dysepsion / Creative Commons / Via

    3. These strategically placed Buscemi faces in our favorite shows and movies.

    4. Don't let go of Steve, Jack.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    5. The Busceesi.

    6. Stevie & Steves.

    7. And... Well you get the idea.

    Fox / Via

    8. Oh, and this painting too. Here's Zandomeneghi's "[Steve] Picking Flowers."

    Federico Zandomeneghi / Via

    Originally Federico Zandomeneghi's "Girl Picking Flowers," with obvious improvements.

    9. This angelic photo of Steve with sparkling hair.

    United Artists / Via

    10. These breathtaking face collages:


    12. And these heartwarming tribute collages:




    16. This brilliant usage of the MyCeleb face match app.


    "Steve Buscemi is 78% Steve Buscemi."

    17. This disturbing transformation into some sort of food.

    18. And these inspirational nightmare photos inspired by the food transition.


    20. This photo of Buscemi with a space beard.

    21. These perfectly timed Tumblr threads.


    23. And this amazing find by Agent Scully.

    24. Finally, this gif with almonds--what's happening here is anybody's guess.

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