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    24 Times The Internet Professed Its Love For Steve Buscemi

    This is the pinnacle of human ingenuity, folks.

    1. This must-have Lay's flavor.

    2. This startling transition between Steve Buscemi and Elijah Wood.

    3. These strategically placed Buscemi faces in our favorite shows and movies.

    4. Don't let go of Steve, Jack.

    5. The Busceesi.

    6. Stevie & Steves.

    7. And... Well you get the idea.

    8. Oh, and this painting too. Here's Zandomeneghi's "[Steve] Picking Flowers."

    9. This angelic photo of Steve with sparkling hair.

    10. These breathtaking face collages:


    12. And these heartwarming tribute collages:




    16. This brilliant usage of the MyCeleb face match app.

    17. This disturbing transformation into some sort of food.

    18. And these inspirational nightmare photos inspired by the food transition.


    20. This photo of Buscemi with a space beard.

    21. These perfectly timed Tumblr threads.


    23. And this amazing find by Agent Scully.

    24. Finally, this gif with almonds--what's happening here is anybody's guess.