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    24 Signs Your Pet Is Your Real Best Friend

    Let's be honest: who's ACTUALLY always there for you?

    1. You guys, like, totally dress alike.

    2. Your pet is always super chill with your Netflix choice.

    3. You're always talking with your pet...out loud.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    4. Because of these conversations, you're convinced that your pet is the only one who understands you.

    5. When you can, you eat every major meal together.

    6. Your pet is the keeper of all your deepest darkest secrets that the rest of the world can never know.

    Animal Planet / Via

    And you know they'd never tell.

    7. Your measure of a potential new friend is based on how well they get along with your pet.

    Toei Animation / Via

    Disclaimer to all new friends: I already have a bestie.

    8. Which can also make it difficult to find a roommate.

    9. You never throw parties because you're respectful of your pet's personal space.


    It's their home. You're just living in it.

    10. You rarely go to parties because you wouldn't be able to bring your true best friend along.

    11. And you put way more effort into your pet's birthday than you do your own.

    12. When you're forced to be apart, nothing beats that moment when you two finally get to reunite.

    Nintendo / Via

    13. The wallpaper on your phone is--you guessed it--you and your pet.


    14. Your relationship to your pet has influenced your identity in all forums.

    15. You treat them like a complete and total equal. There is no hierarchy in your household.

    Aardman Animations / Via

    16. If you haven't done it yet, you've seriously considered getting a photo of you and your pet framed.

    17. You guys have taken, like, a million selfies together.

    18. You already have your best man or maid of honor picked out.

    19. Like best friends do, you're ALWAYS bailing them out of trouble.

    20. They're into all the same weird things that you're into.

    21. Basically, you and your pet are just on the same wavelength.


    Secret handshake? On point.

    22. They're the only one who can cheer you up at the end of a bad day.

    23. While they might find the perfect way to bug you from time-to-time...

    24.'re always quick to forgive your one-and-only best friend.

    Dreamworks / Via

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