Here's The Shockingly Star-Studded Cast Of "Scream 2" Exactly 20 Years Later

    Do you like scary movies?

    1. Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers

    2. Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott

    3. David Arquette as Dewey Riley

    4. Jamie Kennedy as Randy Meeks

    5. Jada Pinkett Smith as Maureen Evans

    6. Omar Epps as Phil Stevens

    7. Liev Schreiber as Cotton Weary

    8. Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cici Cooper

    9. Elise Neal as Hallie McDaniel

    10. Joshua Jackson as Film Class Guy #1

    11. Timothy Olyphant as Mickey Altieri

    12. Jerry O'Connell as Derek Feldman

    13. Heather Graham as Casey Becker in Stab

    14. Luke Wilson as the actor who plays Billy Loomis in Stab

    15. Tori Spelling as herself

    16. Laurie Metcalf as Debbie Salt (Mrs. Loomis)

    17. Portia de Rossi as Sorority Sister Murphy