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    31 Things You Won't Understand If You're Not Married

    "Stop pooping. I miss you."

    1. When you're married, you need to be good at sharing.

    2. But you need to be even better at not sharing.

    3. And oversharing? That just comes naturally.

    4. Marriage is about sacrifice...

    5. ...flexibility...

    Large bed with many pillows on one side and only one on the other

    6. ...and compromise.

    7. It's also about forgiveness.

    8. Nobody is perfect, so don't expect your spouse to be.

    9. Sometimes it's better to accept their flaws than to try to fix them.

    Two photos of same bed made well and made badly

    10. Marriage will test your patience...

    Man in the shower dressed as Worf from Star Trek
    u/amosfargus / Via

    11. ...sometimes relentlessly.

    12. So remember: Communication is key.

    13. Cannot overstate how important it is to communicate with your spouse.

    A note slipped under the bathroom door that reads "Stop pooping I miss you"
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    14. Seriously, it's the best way to know for sure that your needs are being met.

    My wife and I are sitting on the couch watching tv and I hear a text, realizing I left my phone in the kitchen, I get up, go to the kitchen to check it... and its a text from my wife: Please bring the chips on your way back

    Twitter: @DocAtCDI

    15. In fact, you and your spouse probably speak a secret language that no one else speaks.

    16. You probably have your own special way of getting your message across.

    17. And they always know exactly what you mean.

    18. But that doesn't mean they don't still surprise you from time to time.

    Three text messages: "Oh the things I'd like to do to you if the kids weren't around," Response: "Murder is illegal," then first person again: "You have a gift"
    u/mendicant / Via

    19. Even though they're reliably the same in the most important ways.

    20. For example, no one knows how to cheer you up quite like your spouse does.

    21. If you're not amused now, don't worry. You'll be laughing about it later.

    22. In fact, you probably don't even realize how similar you are.

    23. Chances are you were pretty similar before you even met.

    24. It goes without saying: You're happy you found each other.

    A silly text message exchange that ends with "I'm glad we're married" and the reply "me too"
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    25. Even if they can be pretty annoying sometimes...

    Social media question asks, "What is the most annoying thing about being married?" Response: "Not having her around"
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    26. one's better at building you up.

    Every day when I leave the house to do something important, the last thing I hear as I go out the door is Arlene's voice saying, "You'll be great!" Amazing what that does for a person.

    Twitter: @alanalda

    27. Who else would go to such great lengths to make you feel better?

    28. Look, no one ever said marriage was easy. So don't expect it to be easy.

    29. But in a weird, inexplicable way, it's not that difficult, either.

    30. Your spouse is your best friend in the whole world.

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    31. And they always will be!