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16 Things About Cats That Cat People Find Disgustingly Endearing

We're cat people for a reason.

1. For starters, they can fill any container imaginable.

@cakes1todough1 / Via Instagram: @cakes1todough1

2. They can move their ears like little satellite dishes, which they do often.

u/blackcoffeeandcats / Via

3. They're unpredictable: This is great. Don't ask me why.

u/bowlerhatbear / Via

4. And they all lead mysterious double lives.

u/Habitual_Emigrant / Via

5. They're good conversationalists.

u/A-Creative_Username / Via

6. Even when they're destructive, they're adorable!

u/Lbomberry630 / Via

7. They stand.

u/Just_Red_00 / Via

8. They spook.

u/Dupplet / Via

9. They sploot.

u/chezpink / Via

10. They blep.

/u/icant-chooseone / Via

11. And they loaf.

u/DeepBlu3Nothing / Via

12. Their feet are far too perfect and pure for this foul world.

u/beroemd / Via

13. And their teeth aren't half bad either.

u/Dearestbrittany / Via

14. They all love sinks! Every single one of them!

u/Pariah_XO / Via

15. They're fancy and distinguished.

@zieg / Via Twitter: @zieg

16. And they are big-time — BIG-TIME — busybodies.

u/esuschrist / Via

And so I leave you with this:

u/veniagoly / Via

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