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17 Familiar Situations For Anyone Who Doesn't Like Dessert

Steak > Cake

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1. Let's begin by getting one thing straight: Dessert food isn't gross or anything — you're just very underwhelmed by it.

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2. You fail to see what all the hype is about.


3. You would ALWAYS (and so would anyone else in their right mind) rather have seconds than save room for dessert.

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4. And you find the concept of a "dessert stomach" to be downright strange.

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5. On the rare occasions you actually do want something sweet, it's never after you ate an entire meal.

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6. Growing up, you'd always pass on cake and ice cream at birthday parties.

7. And you were always prepared for the parents' predictably dramatic reaction to a child passing on cake.


8. When someone is trying to plan a party for you, they're never thrilled by your answer to "What kind of cake do you want?"


9. But you humor them with an answer — cookie cake? — because, in the end, it's for your party guests anyways.

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10. As a dinner guest, you've probably forced yourself to eat some homemade dessert to avoid being rude.


11. Skipping out on dessert at restaurants has made you feel like you're being financially responsible.


12. Although, if it's a date you're on, you're likely to have the inevitable "not crazy about sweets" conversation when the server asks if you'd like to see a dessert menu.


13. You hear the words "Really? More for me then" in your sleep. You're even considering having it etched on your tomb stone.


14. You feel cheated whenever dessert is used as a reward for something.

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15. Some people find this so hard to believe that they accuse you of lying...


16. ...while others feel the need to figure out what's wrong with you.


17. But you can't help that you're not crazy about sweets. People get so caught up with your aversion to dessert, you don't even get to tell them your thoughts about sugary breakfast foods.

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