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21 Honest Facebook Comments Grandma And Grandpa Left For Popular Chain Restaurants

"Order corn."

In case you missed it, grandparents leaving amazing comments on Facebook is a thing. If this is your first exposure to this phenomenon, buckle up.

1. The time Gene stopped short of truly opening up to Sbarro:

2. The time Dave shared news about Willy with the Cheesecake Factory:

3. The time Terrell told Ruby Tuesday his true feelings:

4. The time William told Olive Garden what the last straw was:

5. The time Marilyn tried to figure out what Jimmy John's was:

6. The time Isabel had had enough of Wendy's:

7. The time Joel just wanted to order corn at Old Country Buffet:

8. The time Jason got lost at Applebee's but was found at Chili's:

9. The time Wanda asked Denny's (or family?), "Who wants some?":

10. The time Cracker Barrel fired Brad's wife, and he just wanted to know why:

11. The time Martha wanted to know all of the Dairy Queen's ingredients:

12. The time this lost grandson might've been at Sizzler:

13. The time Kathy revealed why she'd never eaten at Outback:

14. The time Denise bade good morning to Chick-fil-A:

15. The time Gail shared this considerate message with Arby's and their followers:

16. The time this unsatisfied customer shared their underwhelming experience:

17. The time Mickey shared these two words with Old Country Buffet:

18. The time it was bedtime, despite Outback Steakhouse's insistence on lunch:

19. The time Christine needed a closer Wendy's:

20. The time this grateful patron thanked Red Lobster for food:

21. And the time Beth celebrated her birthday with those famous Cracker Bargel beans: