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22 Liquid Cats Whose Bodies Defy All Known Properties Of Solids

Cats ≠ solid.

1. This cup is overflowing with cat.

u/Wiebejamin / Via

2. This container is full.

@cakes1todough1 / Via Instagram: @cakes1todough1

3. And this sink is BRIMMING.


4. Cardboard isn't typically the best material for containing liquid, but so far this box is holding together.

u/delightfullysquishy / Via

5. This one? Not so much.

u/king-sunshine / Via

6. Plastic, on the other hand, is perfect for liquids.

u/Mainiax3 / Via

7. This stump has absolutely no drainage at all and every nook and cranny is flooded.

u/SeattleMana / Via

8. Speaking of floods, this one's leaking...

u/Suekru / Via

9. ...and this one's spilling.

u/meganlizzie / Via

10. This bowl is half full.

11. This bowl is 3/4 full.

u/hermanxyz / Via

12. And this bowl is full.

u/RalphiesBoogers / Via

13. This bowl wasn't designed to hold liquids and now we've got a big ol' mess!

u/clementinekruczynsk1 / Via

14. This cat is trickling.

u/PsychopathPanda / Via

15. This cat is spilling.

u/Smithsonian30 / Via

16. This cat is oozing.

u/tablecup / Via

17. And this cat is flowing.

u/frody1111 / Via

18. The volume of this cylinder equals approximately one cat.

u/maryland26 / Via

19. And the volume of this cylinder equals approximately TWO cats.

u/elvira53 / Via

20. These two are sloshing around together.

u/Epiconnor / Via

21. Meanwhile, these two are separate and freshly poured.

u/nitroww / Via

22. And finally, this cat melted.

u/lamados / Via