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22 Liquid Cats Whose Bodies Defy All Known Properties Of Solids

Cats ≠ solid.

1. This cup is overflowing with cat.

2. This container is full.

3. And this sink is BRIMMING.

4. Cardboard isn't typically the best material for containing liquid, but so far this box is holding together.

5. This one? Not so much.

6. Plastic, on the other hand, is perfect for liquids.

7. This stump has absolutely no drainage at all and every nook and cranny is flooded.

8. Speaking of floods, this one's leaking...

9. ...and this one's spilling.

10. This bowl is half full.

11. This bowl is 3/4 full.

12. And this bowl is full.

13. This bowl wasn't designed to hold liquids and now we've got a big ol' mess!

14. This cat is trickling.

15. This cat is spilling.

16. This cat is oozing.

17. And this cat is flowing.

18. The volume of this cylinder equals approximately one cat.

19. And the volume of this cylinder equals approximately TWO cats.

20. These two are sloshing around together.

21. Meanwhile, these two are separate and freshly poured.

22. And finally, this cat melted.