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Sea Of Stars In Maldives

‘Cause you're a sky sea full of stars '

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How does this happen?

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The ‘sea of stars’ in Maldives occurs when tiny (like, super tiny!) sea creatures known as phytoplankton emit a chemical that illuminates (its part of their survival mechanism!). This mind blowing phenomenon is often known as bioluminescence.

How can they survive by glowing?

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Good question! The plankton actually emits the light when they’re moved- like when a wave breaks on the shore or when you step on them. The light is used to draw other predators to the creatures who try to eat them.

Where is it located?

Kuramathi Island Resort / Via

It is known that you can see this glowing natural wonder on any beach in Maldives; however it’s most noticeable on the island of Vadhoo. If you’re staying at any resort in Maldives - plenty of options available, such as Kuramathi Island Resort, be sure to check how you can see this once in a lifetime occurence!

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