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    If Horror Movies From The '80s Were Actually Children's Books

    You decide which one is more disturbing.

    Child's Play

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    This cute story will teach your child the value of friendship and how to transfer their soul into their favorite toy.


    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    A heartwarming tale of how a young boy considers his rambunctious dog his best friend. That is, until the dog is bitten by a rabid bat and tries to kill everyone.

    Friday the 13th

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    A group of young children experience their first sleep-away camp while their counselors have sex everywhere.

    Nightmare on Elm Street

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    The perfect bedtime story for your little one who is afraid to go to sleep.


    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    This book teaches the important lesson of listening to others, especially when it involves an alien species bent on destroying the human race.

    The Shining

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    The story of a boy who finds himself in a strange new environment, but passes his time making new friends who are dead.


    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    A mysterious box falls into the hands of an unsuspecting young girl, which leads her to a land of imagination where pain is the greatest pleasure.

    The Thing

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    This adorable story follows the life of an ancient alien who can't seem to satisfy its hunger for human imitation.

    An American Werewolf in London

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    An exciting tale about two best friends who embark on a trip through Europe to experience a spiritual and physical transformation.

    The Fly

    Andrew Peña / BuzzFeed

    An excellent book for any boy who is experiencing changes in their appearance. It also teaches about self esteem and confidence when it comes to girls.

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