We Tried $256 Beef In Korea To See If It's Worth It

    "A very juicy and sophisticated taste."

    For the Season 2 finale of Worth It, the team is headed to Seoul South Korea to try $13, $28, and $256 Galbee to see which is the most Worth It.

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    What is Galbee you ask? It usually refers to beef short rib, and that's what they ate.

    Chef David Chang, creator of Momofuku, came along to help navigate Korean cuisine.

    The first location offered tasty rib fingers. Basically, the meat found between the ribs, butchered so you get all the meat in one delicious morsel.

    Many drinks were had.

    The second location was all about the sweet, sweet, marinated meats. This galbee is marinated for over 80 hours!

    They also had this amazing spicy raw crab, definitely the surprise hit of the day.

    David pretty much had an existential crisis about it.

    The last location offered the very special "Hanwoo" beef rib, pretty much the wagyu of Korea.

    Just look at that marbling.

    It made Steven feel things.

    So which one was the most Worth It at its price?

    Steven and Andrew both chose the middle tier, So Deul Nyuk.

    After all, a meal is only as good as the company you share it with.

    And that's it for season 2 of Worth It! The team will be back...